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This program allows you to create and transform text documents into any format (HTML, CHM, PDF, XML etc.)
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30 June 2008

Editor's review

To design a well structured help file you need to perform various functions. You need to follow conversions and at times even use different software to create a help files with format like HTML, CHM, etc. Now you can generate the Help file with lot of ease with the assistance of HelpCruiser 2.1. It helps you to create documents in different formats like CHM, HTML, XML, PDF and RTF. You can use the templates and even modify them according to your requirements.

HelpCruiser 2.1 is worth using for the creating help file, manuals, or descriptions in an easy manner. You can have the content arranged in the sequence as desired. You can have the list of the topic or the index shown on the left panel and the related content is shown on the middle right. You can create, edit, and save the project in desired format. It supports the maintaining the font, color, images, links, tables, etc as they has been created. For having better results you can have the Project Preferences set. You need to set the various features such as charset, resolution, list of embedded fonts, document info, etc. You also need to set the Page options, Protection options, Viewer preferences, and Page Numbering. For the format setting, you can go to the related format that you want to have the file in and set the features accordingly. The program supports you with all the features that are required for the creation of the file like from copy, paste, protection of the document until the final output as help file.

HelpCruiser 2.1 comes across a competent utility for developing help files owing to its intelligent options to fix objects, allow macros etc. Considering all the features the software has been rated with 4.5 rating points which truly deserves.

Publisher's description

The program HelpCruiser is for creating documents in various formats such as HTML, CHM, PDF, RTF & XML. Given help tool is optimized for solving tasks, that appear during the process of creation help files, descriptions & manuals for one or another software product.
Ability to supple work with different formats enables you to use template technology, where macros, cycles and conditions using for document structure description. Templates build in HelpCruiser will allow you to create & transform text documents into the most popular and prevailing formats at once. Because of the wide ability tp tune templates, you can set the format of exportable document independently according to your task.
HelpCruiser fully supports various formats & using this help tool you will easily create & tune such operation factors of document set as font type, it's size, colour, symbol set etc.
It's possible to define graphic files, used in documents, the same way. It's necessary to tune such operation factors of images in JPEG & PNG format of compression, interlaceing method, transparency color, shades of gray and some other.
With the help of fixing various objects - tables, interface elements OC Windows, OLE etc. - it's possible to add complementary attraction to the document.
It's also possible to assign a key word set for each part of the original document. They give the possibility for future PC users to fast-access retrieval of necessary parts of manuals or help files. HelpCruiser is a developed for use of external references, leading to one or another part of the original document, also in using of internal references, which connects the document with other texts, programes or URL.
It's important to state the safety of documentations being made by HelpCruiser. It is possible to protect any document by a password, both from change & examination of the content.
Version 2.2
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